Which state is best for weed?

Some of the states with the most medical marijuana dispensaries are growing crops for natural fertilizer.

In Colorado, which became the first state in the nation to allow recreational sales last year, growers are taking advantage of a state program that lets farmers get discounts on fertilizer.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture said in a statement that the state has “a strong agricultural program that is helping us grow a diverse crop.”

The program allows farmers to apply for a state-subsidized price discount.

Marijuana fertilizer is being used in California, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, as well as in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Marijuana farmers can also get free, state-regulated fertilizers from the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Colorado is not the only state with a weed-growing program.

California has about 1,000 dispensaries, the most of any state, and has become the top marijuana grower in the U.S., according to the U!

News ranking.

The state also boasts the second-largest cultivation population in the country.

About two-thirds of Colorado’s marijuana growers are from outside the state, according to data from the state.

That includes more than a quarter of the growers in the state who are from other states, according an analysis by the Colorado Department Of Agriculture.

The U.!

News analysis of data from Colorado’s Department of Agricultural Marketing and Regulatory Services found that nearly half of growers in Colorado are from out of state, while more than half were from other parts of the country or abroad.

The vast majority of growers were from outside of the state in 2014, the year the program went into effect, according the data.

Marijuana growers are also growing the crop at a higher rate in Colorado than they are elsewhere.

According to the data, in 2014 about half of the Colorado growers were growing marijuana for personal use, compared to just one-third of the grower population in other states.

The number of growers who were from out-of-state increased from one in eight in 2014 to one in nine in 2016.

But the increase in marijuana growers has been much less pronounced in the other states where recreational sales have gone into effect.

In Arizona, where recreational marijuana sales were allowed in late January, there was a 25 percent increase in the number of marijuana growers, according a survey conducted by the Arizona Department of Economic Opportunity.

In Oregon, where marijuana sales have been legal since mid-December, growers have been growing for the last year and a half, the state said in March.

There have been no changes in the size of the market for growers from other neighboring states, the Oregon Department of Finance and Insurance found.

The survey found that marijuana growers in Idaho are using the state’s agricultural surplus to pay for the fertilizer, and growers in Wyoming are buying the fertilizer from other growers, such as the Colorado program.

In the Washington State Department of Fish and Game, marijuana growers who are paying for fertilizer from the federal government are getting it at a lower price, and the state is offering incentives to those growers to grow for the first time.

“The state is doing a great job with that, and we appreciate the work that they do,” said Mark McVay, a spokesman for the state Fish and Wildlife Department.

The department does not keep track of the number, or the type of fertilizer being used, but he said that about 90 percent of the fertilizer being consumed in the Washington state is from the Colorado harvest program.

The Department of Environmental Quality is also working with the Colorado department on the use of pesticides.

The agency has also sent inspectors to the farms to check the quality of the crop, and will send additional investigators to other states in the coming months, according Mark Wessels, a department spokesman.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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