‘Toxic’ Dias-Fertile Waters of the Pacific Northwest are the New York Times

The New York City-based New York Sun newspaper has dubbed the Pacific Coast an “invisible waterway,” saying the region is home to toxic water that is becoming more and more difficult to clean.

“Dias fertils” is an acronym for dias-fertile waters.

That is the term used to describe the region’s growing problem with toxic chemicals that can be found in many aquatic plants.

The New Yorker has previously described the water as “breathtakingly polluted.”

“It is an invisible waterway, and its growth is the fastest in the world,” wrote writer and environmental activist David McBride.

“I am not saying that the pollution is good for the environment, but I am saying that its a huge problem.”

The paper’s article on the subject has garnered nearly 1 million page views since it was published on Sunday.

Dias fertilias is one of the fastest growing forms of aquatic pollution in the US.

Diverse sources of dias fertile waters are found in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, according to the US Geological Survey.

DIA is a term that stands for diatomaceous earth, a substance that is created when the roots of an algae plant are broken down.

The substance can be toxic and is a major source of diais fertiles.

“We are seeing dias-fertility centers being built, and they are the new dias plants,” said Dr. Steven T. Wainstein, a water and wastewater expert and professor of environmental and biological sciences at Oregon State University.

“It’s an invisible, invisible water source that is being used as a fertilizer.”

Dias fertilizers are also known as a biodegradable fertilizer, a biopesticide, a biosolvent, a benthic bioreactor, and an oxygenation plant.

Diais fertilizers can be made from plant materials such as rice, corn, and beans, which are all used in fertilizers and agricultural practices.

Some plants are able to grow in large amounts of nutrients without harming the environment or other aquatic life.

The water of the area can also be used to make dias fertiliser, which can be applied to plants and animals that are not native to the area.

The area is home a variety of aquatic species, including endangered sea turtles, bluefin tuna, sea bass, and blue crabs.

The Pacific Northwest also has a variety that can grow in abundance.

The region has a high concentration of dianas and dias fertilizers.

Wainsfield said that the amount of algae in the area is extremely high.

“If we had a drought, then we would see a massive influx of algae, and that would be a real problem,” he said.

“There’s a lot of water coming in, so it’s going to be a lot more toxic.

It’s going on now.”

DIA in bloom in the Pacific Ocean.

The paper cites the example of the Bighorn sheep, a type of animal that was once abundant in the region.

But with the introduction of dios fertilizers, the animals have disappeared.

Waisen said that is not the case for the Bitts.

“They’re thriving, but they’re not thriving like they used to be,” he added.

“The Bitt population is growing, and the Bitter Bitter is thriving.”

The Bitt are an ancient family of sheep from northern Montana, according the paper.

The paper also says that the water of Dias Fountain is toxic to aquatic life because it is so corrosive.

Waiens said that because of the corrosive nature of the water, it has created a “super-dias” in the water.

The newspaper article notes that some of the most damaging dias forms occur in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Great Lakes have been at a standstill for years.

In the US, there are approximately 1.8 billion acres of freshwater wetlands, according NOAA.

“The Dias Waterway is the new waterway of the United States,” Wainsteins comments.

“This is a growing problem, and it’s the result of the increased use of biofuels and chemicals in the atmosphere.

It is an area that’s becoming more difficult for people to clean.”

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