The Newest Fertilizers Are the Latest to Go Out of Style

“It’s the latest product to go out of style,” writes the New York Times.

“It smells like a pina colada.

It tastes like a strawberry muffin.

It’s like a bag of chips with a pumpkin filling in it.

It can be found in grocery stores, online, at home improvement stores, and in drugstores.”

The Times concludes that “the pumpkin and strawberry are almost always the main ingredients.

The corn syrup is the only ingredient that’s really new.”

And while that may be true for most of the fertilizers we’re used to, it’s a different story for one that’s a bit of a departure: “The corn syrup flavor is different.

The strawberry is almost always there.

The pumpkin is almost never there,” writes Mother Jones’ David Cornwell.

He goes on to explain that “some of the older products like the baby formula, have added artificial flavors to their formulations to help keep the product fresh and to make them more appealing to consumers.

These artificial flavors aren’t actually natural ingredients, but they’re added to make a product taste better.”

While corn syrup may be the only synthetic ingredient to make the jump from being an ingredient in baby formula to a staple in our food supply, the Times article isn’t alone in claiming that the artificial-flavor trend has overtaken organic, natural, and conventional fertilizers.

A slew of food-related websites have begun reporting on the trend, with sites like Food Safety News and the Food Babe reporting that corn syrup and other artificial ingredients are increasingly popular in our grocery store food supply. 

“If corn syrup were a food, I would be shocked and disappointed,” writes Food Safety reporter Melissa Lichtman in her piece for Food Safety.

“The USDA estimates that a typical consumer uses nearly 40 million pounds of artificial fertilizers a year.

I have to wonder why this is such a big deal for the food industry?” 

“You can’t have an organic-fertile environment without corn syrup, and I have yet to see any organic-food company that is using artificial fertilisers in any of their products,” Food Babe co-founder and spokesperson Molly Ball told The Daily Beast. 

Despite the popularity of corn syrup as an ingredient, there are some drawbacks to this trend as well.

The Times article notes that corn-based fertilizers are less bioavailable, and it’s also not entirely clear how much of the corn syrup actually makes it into the food chain. 

But these factors alone won’t make this trend go away.

The paper points to another recent USDA study that found that in the U.S., “more than 50 percent of organic food crops have corn in them.”

The problem with this statistic is that it assumes that organic farms don’t produce corn syrup. 

If corn is in the corn plant, then it’s natural for it to be used as a fertilizer in the process of growing organic crops.

And organic farms can grow organic crops that don’t rely on corn syrup in the same way that conventional farms can. 

The USDA says that the average organic producer uses about 1 percent of the organic fertilizers they use in their operations.

The rest are synthetic fertilizers that are usually blended with other fertilizers or pesticides. 

And while it’s possible to have a natural-looking crop that uses only natural fertilizers, that crop isn’t necessarily better than one that uses synthetic fertilisers. 

In fact, many organic farmers are still using synthetic fertilizer mixes that have been in use for a long time, like “Pesticide Free Organic Fertillizers” that contain organic ingredients that are often made from chemicals like DDT. 

These synthetic fertilized mixes are known as “bio-engineered” fertilizers and have been around for decades. 

So, while the NYT article is correct that the pumpkin and pineapple fertilizers may be out of fashion, they’re not completely out of the question.

The USDA estimates there are more than 10 million pounds a year of organic fertilized corn, pecans, soybeans, and other crops used in the United States.

In addition, organic farmers use synthetic fertilization for about 10 percent of their organic crop production. 

This may sound like a small number of fertilizers to some, but for a number of organic farmers, it could have a huge impact on their operations, including the amount of pesticides they use to control weeds and pests, and how much they rely on the fertilizer to maintain a healthy crop. 

Some organic farmers also believe that organic fertilizer has a long way to go to match the corn-syrup trend. 

Carmen Gomes, a farm worker in New Mexico who farms in the region where I live, told The Huffington Post that her organic farm uses about 50 percent synthetic fertilizing, and she uses about 30 percent organic fertilizer.

“I don’t have the money to buy any

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