The Lad bible

The Lad’s new book, Life for Two, takes the idea of a life with two partners and turns it into a simple yet effective way to achieve this goal.

“If you’re having sex with two people, that’s great,” said Lad writer/director and husband of a female writer, Mark Lad.

“But what if you’re also having sex, but your partner’s in another city?

Or if you don’t know your partner?

How do you achieve the same kind of balance?”

Life for two is a series of practical exercises that Lad is calling “The Lad’s Four-Day Love Feast.”

They’re meant to help couples achieve “a balanced life” with two or more partners, which Lad calls a “love feast.”

“It’s a way of living your life,” Lad said.

“The four-day love feast means to have a life where you’re able to take advantage of what you have and how you have it.”

One of the key principles of the Lad bible is to focus on “living life and love the same way.”

To do this, Lad’s goal is to build an “emotional, spiritual, and physical life that’s not going to break down.”

Life for TWO includes a list of “five things to be grateful for,” and Lad says his favorite thing to be thankful for is to be able to “live the life I have.”

“I’m trying to figure out how to live that way,” he said.

Life for 2, which will be released in April, is meant to give couples a “second chance at happiness.”

The book includes “love exercises,” which Lad describes as “practices to increase and increase and improve the quality of your life.”

The exercises include making a plan, planning a date, and making a list, Lad said, which includes things like how much time you’ll spend with each other, when you’ll go to bed, when each of you can go to the bathroom, and where each of your bedrooms are.

Life For Two also includes exercises that help couples “live life together,” such as taking a stroll, playing a game of cards, or “having sex in a room together.”

“You’re not just going to be sleeping in a bed together,” Lad added.

“You can have a walk together or a game, or even a dance together.”

Lad also suggests a “solo time,” which he calls “a place to spend the whole day.”

The Lad family will be making a special trip to Hawaii this summer, and Lad said that he’s going to spend more time with his family than he has in years.

Lad has already been through what Lad calls “the toughest divorce in history.”

The couple split in 1999, and while Lad says they’ve worked through some “difficult emotions,” he is not satisfied with their divorce and is not planning to get back together.

Lad hopes to make a book that is “more like the Lad Bible,” but he’s already had some support from his friends and family.

“I just feel really blessed to be on the Lad family,” Lad shared.

“They’ve been so supportive and have really been great about helping me get my life together and getting through the difficult time.”

The idea of Life for Four comes from Lad’s own struggles with anxiety.

He says the Lad faith was “a big influence” on his decision to pursue a career as a writer and filmmaker.

“Growing up, I was just trying to find my way and live my life and that’s what I did,” Lad explained.

“Now I’ve found a way to live my faith and I’m happy to do it, because that’s really where I’m at.”

Lad is also inspired by his wife, who he says was able to find a way “to live a life in harmony with nature and to be healthy and happy.”

“We’ve been blessed in our marriage, and we’re just blessed that she has that ability to really be in harmony and live her life,” he added.

Life’s a lot to digest, Lad admitted.

“It is a lot, and it is a process,” Lad admitted, “but I’m grateful that I’m doing it.”

Lad said he is planning to travel the world in the next year, and that he hopes that he will be able “to give a really great service to people in need.”

Lad hopes that his book will inspire other couples to “get their lives together, live their lives, and really just be happy and be together.”

In addition to the Lad, the Lad Family Foundation has also helped Lad make a documentary film called “Life for Two,” which will premiere on Netflix and other platforms in 2018.

“We wanted to make this documentary film, and to do that, we had to get involved with this book,” Lad noted.

“My wife was a little bit hesitant at first because I was going to get into this book, but I think she just really understood the magnitude of

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