The fish emulsion fertiliser to replace fish fertiliser

The fertiliser industry in India has been suffering as it struggles to cope with the crisis in fish.

The industry is already facing severe financial losses.

According to industry insiders, the industry is facing an unprecedented number of cancellations of projects due to the fish fertilisers crisis.

In the first six months of 2017, the fertiliser sector in India had recorded a loss of Rs.2,851 crore.

According the government, that loss is expected to grow by Rs.3,700 crore by 2021.

In addition, a whopping Rs.1,938 crore was taken out by the companies for administrative expenses.

The loss in the fertilisers sector in the last six months is expected at Rs.4,000 crore by 2022.

The government has also taken a number of measures to help the industry, including:  The government is encouraging fertilisers companies to procure fertiliser for their projects as well as encouraging the use of eco-friendly fertiliser in their projects. 

 The government plans to provide subsidy to fertiliser companies of Rs 1,000 per acre. 

The fertiliser subsidy was announced as part of the government’s Clean India campaign in May 2017.

 It has also increased the fertilizer subsidy to Rs. 4,000 from Rs. 3,000.

“We are working towards setting up a mechanism in the country where companies can purchase fertiliser from any company of their choice.

This will ensure that fertiliser is not being used for political reasons, or for political gain.

The fertilisers subsidy will be available for any project,” said Anand Sharma, president of the Indian Federation of Cotton Growers, a non-profit organisation that promotes the cotton industry.

The Federation of Indian Cotton Grower Associations, an umbrella organisation of the industry organisations, is also keen on increasing the fertilisation subsidy.

The fertilisers industry is the third largest in the world with a turnover of Rs 2,085.5 crore in the first half of this year, according to the World Bank.

The total value of fertiliser exports in India is estimated at Rs 8,895 crore.

The country is home to more than 100 million cotton plants and cotton husks.

In India, fertilisers are a staple foodstuff for nearly all of the country’s population.

They are used in making bread, noodles, cereals, flour, flour with oil, oil and salt, meat and milk.

The industry is also used in the production of fish and fish products.

The fish industry is one of the largest in terms of output, with an estimated turnover of about Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lakh crore.

The fish fertilisation industry has also suffered a huge loss of revenue due to a rise in prices.

According a report by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, the annual value of the fertilised fish market in India was Rs 2.7 lakh crore in 2021.

The total fertiliser market value of India in 2021 was Rs 5.9 lakh crore, according the report.

The report said that the fertilizers industry in the Indian State has lost about Rs.5,000 crores to the loss of the fish industry.

The loss of fertilisers is expected, in the coming years, to reach an estimated Rs.7,600 crore.

In the current financial year, the losses are estimated at $600 million.

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