Pesticides and pesticides are bad for Canada’s birds

The country’s government is investigating how pesticides can harm Canada’s native birds, which are also being used as fertilizer in agriculture.

The investigation follows the release of a report that found Canada’s goose population is in a state of “extinction,” and that the country’s pesticide use is harming the animals.

The report by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds found that a large number of the countrys native birds are being sprayed with pesticides to boost crop yields, causing problems for native birds and other species that depend on them.

The group said Canada is “failing” to protect its native birds.

The province of Quebec and the federal government are investigating the matter, but are taking no action on the issue at this time, the organization said in a statement.

“The scientific evidence suggests that pesticide use has a devastating effect on the health of Canada’s bird populations,” the group said.

“It is also important to remember that the effects of pesticides on the environment are not limited to crops, and are also felt by native birds.”

The report, which was published in the journal Science, found that some of Canadas native bird species were suffering from severe declines in numbers.

The research team said that as many as a third of the native birds that live in Canada now live in “extinct” populations, meaning they are no longer considered a viable population.

They also said the birds are dying off at a rate faster than the rest of the Canadian population, which is down to about 10 per cent.

The researchers said that they would like to see the federal Government of Canada “to do more to protect the Canada’s natural heritage” and to improve the protection of the Canadas birds, particularly those that live on land.

The study concluded that the use of glyphosate, which the herbicide has been used on crops since the 1940s, has “a devastating effect” on Canadas bird populations.

“Although we do not have the exact numbers for the overall number of native birds in Canada, the report found that the numbers of species that are affected by glyphosate are increasing and decreasing, with species that live exclusively in woodlands losing the majority of their numbers,” the report said.

The authors also said that there was evidence that the levels of glyphosate used by the federal Environment Agency are at levels that could be harmful to birds, including in the food chain.

In addition to the government, other government agencies are investigating.

The National Energy Board, which regulates the energy sector, is conducting a study into glyphosate and the impacts of its use on birds.

Environment Canada, which oversees the nations natural resources, is investigating the pesticide use.

“We are also reviewing the issue of pesticide use on our wildlife, particularly migratory birds,” the agency said in an email to CBC News.

“Canada is a world leader in wildlife conservation and we are committed to ensuring the integrity of our natural resources.”

A spokesperson for the Canada Goose Association said it is disappointed with the federal decision and believes the province and federal government should take action.

“As a federal government agency, we are disappointed that the province is stepping up, and the province, like the government of Quebec, has an obligation to ensure that our native birds continue to have the health and wellbeing they deserve,” said Jennifer Lacey.

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