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The world’s population will rise by more than 3 billion by 2050 and by almost 3 billion if fertility rates keep rising, the United Nations said on Tuesday, as global warming threatens to push more women into early childbearing.

The UN’s Population Fund said more than half the world’s countries, mostly in the Middle East and Africa, have a fertility rate of less than 1.0, the threshold at which babies are born.

In China, the figure is 1.7.

In India, it is 2.1.

In Pakistan, it’s 3.0.

In the United States, it would be 3.6.

The world is now on track to reach 4.6 billion people by midcentury, with the world population expected to increase by a third in the next 50 years, UNFPA chief Maria Sánchez said at a briefing.

The United Nations predicts the world will have more than 6 billion people in 2050 and 7 billion by 2100.

“By 2050, the world is going to have more people than it did in 1960,” she said.

“And the growth rate of population will accelerate from 1.5 percent a year now to 2 percent a month by the end of the century.”

More than 60 per cent of the world now live in low- and middle-income countries, with only the top 10 per cent living in the most developed nations.

There is no easy way to stop global population growth.

It has already overtaken the global population in China, where population has been on a steady climb since the 1990s.

In a speech to the UN General Assembly last month, the UN’s chief statistician, Robert Moodley, warned that if population continued to grow, a growing number of people will be dying in poor countries and that countries would be forced to make difficult choices.

The global growth rate has slowed since the end.

Moodley said at the time that if the world did not slow its growth rate by 2020, the number of human beings on the planet would exceed the number on Earth.

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