How a new grass fertilizer can help your garden thrive in drought

A new crop-quality fertilizer made from bamboo can help the plant thrive in the drought-stricken Midwest.

A farmer in Minnesota says it’s worth investing in, too.

The new fertilizer comes from the Bamboo Fertilizer company, a subsidiary of China’s Sinopharm Group.

It is called Bamboo, and it’s the first to be made from Bamboo.

The company said it has spent about $2 million on bamboo cultivation and is now making about 10 tons of it per month, a product that can help reduce soil erosion, make your garden more water-efficient and help reduce the number of aphids and weeds.

Bamboo has a relatively low water content, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the grass growing up into a dense pile.

The product also has no toxic or other allergens.

It’s also made with high-quality bamboo fibers that are harvested every six months, which allows for high quality and high-value crops.

But there’s one catch: bamboo doesn’t grow well in the Midwest.

It tends to die, which means your bamboo plants don’t produce a new crop of grass every year.

Bamboos that do grow in the region are often smaller and less productive, and are usually a waste of resources.

Bambus produce less carbon than grasses, but they also produce more nitrogen, which can be used to help reduce climate change and prevent flooding.

It can also help you conserve water.

Bengaluru, India, produces over 80 million tons of bamboo every year, which it uses for irrigation.

So if you’re looking to grow bamboo, you should definitely consider investing in a bamboo fertilizer.

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