Boost fertility in gardenia fungus

New research shows that using a soil nutrient supplement can boost fertility in a fungus.

A new study, published in Nature Biotechnology, suggests that this can occur even when the soil is highly acidic.

“The researchers found that the same nutrients can help boost fertility as well as other beneficial effects of the soil, such as aeration and water retention,” said study co-author Jörn Wichter, a plant physiologist at the University of California, Davis.

The study involved two different soil nutrients: magnesium and sodium.

The magnesium was added to a soil sample from the California desert, where gardenias grow.

The soil contained a mix of bacteria that can produce a compound called glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs, which can boost the production of GAG-producing bacteria in the soil.

The researchers then measured the concentration of Gag-producing GAG molecules in the samples.

The GAG concentrations varied between concentrations in the test soil.

When the researchers added more GAG to the soil and then used this nutrient in a subsequent test, the levels of GAA, a form of GGA that was also present, increased by about a third.

The authors also found that GAG levels increased when the test was performed at the same temperature as the gardenias themselves, rather than in a controlled setting.

These results support the idea that GGA levels are increased in the environment around a gardenia, and that GAA levels may be related to GAG production.

Wichtern said this type of effect may also be due to changes in the pH of the water.

“A lot of studies show that GGs are more stable in water with pH levels that are less acidic, but this is the first time we found that you can increase GAG synthesis in a nutrient-rich environment,” he said.

“GGA may also play a role in water quality.”

Another benefit of this soil supplement is that it reduces the need for fertilizer.

“In addition to promoting beneficial environmental conditions, this soil nutrient may also promote better growth and fertility of gardenias by improving aeration, water retention, and water cycling,” Wichner said.

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